Live Radio.

We are so sorry for not blogging this week, but so much has been happening, but it is all good intentions belive me! We have moved our podcast from to a much better platform, however we are not saying that is bad, we have just out grown and expanding I guess.

We wanted something that couldn’t provide but we will miss anchor.

We are now able to hold our own Live radio and we have successfully done this with a recent guest of ours that we had interviewed a while back now and to top that off, we had a right laugh on air last night which you guys can catch up on demand via our website.

The other great news is that you know longer need to travel to different sites to catch up on our awesome podcasts, you can simply enjoy our integrated player on our website that will have every single episode that we have done!

So, back to the live radio, we have made such a noise that we are starting to get listeners, and also you can interact with us live, using the message icon on the player!

I really could go on about the amazing things that are happening for us, but I will leave that right there until our next blog. Please come along and check out new podcast and Radio station.

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