Regret A Life Of Crime

Imagine being locked away from the world for 9 years in prison. Sit there, close your eyes and feel that situation Jamal was in. It feels horrible doesn’t it? Of course it does. Jamal new he had done wrong in the past, but now he is making things right by helping young adults / kids to stay away from a life of crime through the power of his voice and novels.

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Why is storytelling important?

Storytelling has earned its place as the most important tradition humans possess. The most important reason for this being that every story contains a lesson to instruct the audience. Stories teach us to love, to forgive others, to be just and to strive for better than we have. But not only mentioned above, it also […]

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When will someone listen and take me away from the pain inside? Anyone can walk past you and see nothing that we all go through and you can’t see theirs. I must admit that I have never seen a person on this planet that doesn’t go through somthing of their own, mentally I mean. I […]