Megan Ganesh, a voracious romance reader turned writer. I’m a debut author with lots of stories to tell and I’m as excited to share my stories with you as I am to write them. I live in a suburb of Washington D.C. with my own hero and our son. I spend my days reading, cooking, writing, eating, laughing, and thinking about travelling, taking care of my son and loving.

Not in that order.

Talk about feeling empowered! Megan was talking to us about the loss of her mom three months before her wedding and to why she decided to pick up a pen and paper. This young lady has been through so much in her life but has not stopped her to pursue her dreams. Megan hasn’t published any books at the moment but what she has done is put up short reads on her website while she writes her novels that will be published. I think that is an awesome idea to be fair. Megan loves reading stories where she can see herself. She loves reading romances, but was excited when they made romances where the heroine was like her. But when she met her husband, Megan realized there were not a lot of romances like theirs, interracial and multicultural. Megan knew she couldn’t be the only one who wanted to read good quality love stories that featured them. Megan is in love with love and believes everyone can see themselves in love stories. No matter your, age, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, she wants to help you find yourself in her books. Finding love. One story at a time. Megan would love to hear about you and what you would want to see so check out her website.

When we spoke to Megan on the podcast we were amazed to hear how bubbly she was and how happy she was despite what happened to her mom, but I guess that is what the world needs is someone to say it isn’t all bad. Check out the podcast episode: I Done This For Mom and if you feel that you know of someone that is in Megan’s situation, share the podcast with them.

Books in Progress:

Book 1: Legacy of Love:

Book 2: Love Contract

Book 3: Love by Design

Book 4: Revenge Love

Check out Meganganesh.com for the full list of amazing books!

Thank you for reading this blog and please do check out Megan and also take a sneak peek on our website for a list of upcoming podcasts that will blow you away.

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