Regret A Life Of Crime

Imagine being locked away from the world for 9 years in prison. Sit there, close your eyes and feel that situation Jamal was in. It feels horrible doesn’t it? Of course it does. Jamal new he had done wrong in the past, but now he is making things right by helping young adults / kids to stay away from a life of crime through the power of his voice and novels.

We have known Jamal for 2 years and we can say that this guy is seriously a nice guy with a big heart. Jamal has really changed his life and we hope that others can do the same because a life of crime isn’t a ticket to a higher life with fast cars and women on each side of your arm. No. You get bars and I don’t mean gold bars either. Listen to this podcast and you will see what I mean.

I have three of Jamal’s books but still on the to read list as I have a few I am reading already which so far are awesome. Moving back to a life of crime… I never could understand how those that do a long stretch inside can come back out and re-offend? It is crazy, I could never commit a crime to even place myself in a situation like that!

Who Is Jamal Greene?

Jamal Greene Author / Guess Speaker. Entrepreneur / Loving Husband and Dad,
My journey has been a struggle, in the beginning, searching to find myself and a place in life i was an good student in school until i started acting out and became part of a nationwide criminal organisation which eventually send me to state prison which turn out to be a blessing there among the worse criminals in the country I rediscovered myself my passion for art and music and writing today I am a counsellor by profession I received my certification in Legal Research and attended John Jay College, along my journey I was blessed to attend Hunter College for Counselling!

My story is just one in a million of the lost generation who had to deal with substance abuse and find their way back to sanity after causing so much destruction in the lifestyle that eventually lead me to prison and a new life after returning to society! I have a few books out that has done fairly well most of my readers are urban crime stories readers my goals today is to have my book Black Sunday turned into a movie or TV drama I have a story to tell I post Jamal Greene Journey each week on Facebook in the hopes my spiritual journey having a human experience will help others not to make the same mistakes I made as a young man!

Listen to Jamal’s Podcast Episode: Regret A Life Of Crime

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