Andy Scott

We have interviewed a lot of great people on our show and to say we have had the pleasure of interviewing, Andy Scott. Andy has done so many great things in his life and he confirmed he would die a happy man. Andy has worked for the BBC as a journalist, and also worked on Match of the day, he is very fortunate to have meet celebrities for what seems often enough. Andy has now published a book called, tales of a page, but I don’t want to write to much about that because the Podcast will explain so much in more detail. I would like to add that when we interviewed Andy, he explained how his father recorded a book which I will let you guys find our which book and why. I know, I keep so much back, but the Podcast is amazing! May I also add that if you want to purchase tales of a page, please contact Andy through his Twitter or Facebook account.


First time author of Tales of a Page, about my late father’s time working as a Page at the iconic Dorchester Hotel in the early 1950s. Currently researching next book, London’s Loveable Villain, about my Dad’s uncle, wrestler Chick ‘Cocky’ Knight, first British wrestler on BBCTV in 1938, saved 3 people from drowning on 2 separate occasions, best mates with Albert Pierrepoint (Britain’s last hangman) friend of the stars and appeared in many films as extra & stuntman.

I’ve been in PR for past 14 years, former journalist for 10, working for various publications in UK & USA, including BBC MOTD magazine and appearing on BBC Radio One & WM. Also written for numerous music & football fanzines over the years. Managed a number of bands in UK & Italy, including The Upper Fifth & Tommy Gun. Founded Chelsea West Midlands supporters group in 1994 and long standing fan since 1970. Loves – Linda, family, football, Music, film, books, & life in that order!


We have added something exciting for everyone, but it isn’t for the young kiddies. We now have a Friday Night Live Comedy show with the Brolols on Tour on our very own LIVE radio at 10 PM GMT London time. Everything you hear on the show is for entertainment purpose only and is purely acting. The show will contain some swearing but who knows what Nicholas & That guy talk about. You can check out their very first Live show here. Don’t forget that you can also subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date with everything that is going on with us and our guests  

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