HRD Maureen Joseph is a seasoned business woman, veteran copywriter and a lifelong goth, who goes out occasionally in the sun as per her doctor’s orders. We don’t just say this about every guest but Maureen has really caught our eye and we really made a good friend out of her. Her heart is warm and she is a very outgoing person, and that is how we feel. She is very likeable and the podcast episode we had done with her was fantastic and we recommend that you listen to find out so much more than what we have said here. From what we have heard so far, her novel Twice the demise is in fact unique in terms of something that was written different on purpose. When you hear the word a Gothic novel you would presume that it was a bout vampires etc, well, this is not a vampire novel, we feel it’s more Gothic romance,

Polly Deuce is not your average undertaker. She loves MP3 players and is somewhat a luddite. She lived a non-eventful life in her little goth bubble till her childhood best friend, Michael Nabakov, turned her world upside down. For many years, he had managed to keep his identity and motives under wraps. Polly is caught between her guilt with the familiarity of Michael’s presence and a strange yearning for his dark pursuer.


You will be shocked but please let us explain whats going on here. We have said that we are going to be doing coaching for social media, well that is on hold. We have something amazing happening for us right now and to be adding something that would kill talk about it Friday is way to risky so what is going on? We all love to laugh and that feeling you get when you laugh. It feels great, right? That is why we have a second show and it will be on a Friday night at 10 PM United Kingdom time and you can listen on our website! So, the show is called the Brolols on tour and yes they swear because they thing their gangsters. The show is pure comedy and all for laughs and the best thing is that they love to interact with listeners which you guys can do.

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