Bobbie Barker, Shadow of Justice.

Bobbie is such an amazing author of three books. Bobbie is from, London and grew up there in the 60’s. We loved the way she could tell her story on our show with confidence. She know spends most of her time writing and she can do this full-time. The first book was called shadow of justice and it’s tied to what happened to her. Field of glass is about Gangland and is very gritty. The third book… we will leave that for you guys to listen to the Podcast. Bobbie had suffered abuse as a child and when she was sixteen. She was taken to a high rise flat and was threatened to be pushed off. This lady is very inspirational and I am sure that with her work, she will help to empower other women that have or is in this situation. Please show your support to this awesome lady that has bounced back and rebuilt her life with her husband. Listen Now.


Bobbie Barker was born and raised in Islington, London. Back in the 60’s, it was a very different place to how it is today and life was hard, but it’s one of the places that inspired her later in life to write, and it’s no surprise to her that her genre is Crime Fiction. Bobbie worked in the public sector including the NHS and the Railway Industry for many years, and now feels very fortunate to be in the position of writing full time.


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