Kyle Canon & Lilly Canon.

We all love sex, right? But could you really share your partner with another person? Last night we interviewed Kyle and Lilly Canon Live on Radio and we had guests asking questions because when you use the word swingers, you get that image in your head of this strange club where everyone is having sex with each other while wearing strange outfits, right? Well… we are all wrong about that.

It was interesting speaking with Kyle and Lilly and the conversation was really entertaining. We all had a laugh, especially the listeners. I don’t want to give to much away about this because there wouldn’t be any point you guys listening to the playback. I did ask one question that really was bothering me. I asked if Kyle felt more aroused seeing is wife having sex with another? He said… I will let you listen to the podcast. But, we love Kyle and Lilly because they are such lovely people and we respect them even more for speaking out.

Should sex be just two people or do you guys feel there is nothing wrong sharing your partner with others? We believe that if both have agreed then there shouldn’t be a problem, but everyone has their own opinion and we would love to hear it so please leave a comment below. However, have and said that, we as in Nicole and myself couldn’t do that. You can listen to the radio interview here. This will only be available on our website until Friday 20th past that date please click here.

What’s New With Us?

We have been really busy expanding what we do other than interviewing. In 2020 we will be reassessing our kick-starter program that is designed to help you reach your goals in the social media world by teaching you in depth coaching and all you need to know about the online world, and this will be 1 & 1 coaching. We will be uploading more information on to our website at a later date, but when we do you will know via email. You will be amazed with what this kick-starter coaching program can offer you. The return is incredible, so no more dead ends with your Social networks. We are always adding new strings to what we do here at Talk about it Friday.

Remember if you are interested in appearing on our show then head over to our website and book today for November time, Please be aware that we get booked pretty quickly.

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