Interviewing this fantastic lady made my day and you could hear it in my voice. Many times I found myself in a situation where I had faced an ex partner being abusive and pointing blame on me and spreading nasty rumours. This can do so much damage to people and the problem is that the world we live in don’t see our actions until the damage is done, well, not everyone will see the damage but some will see and regret the damage they have caused.

I want to know if you guys have been in an abusive relationship and had nothing but hell with them?

What Jennifer was saying in this podcast was down to a tee and i am so glad i had the opportunity to have interviewed her. She explained that sometimes when this sort of thing happens, it could be that both have rather jumped out of a relationship or experienced some kind of trauma in their childhood, but obviously not just that; that’s why I recommend you listen to the podcast. What she has said has made my mind at ease. I always thought that I was the one with the problem but truth is, it wasn’t. However, you have to learn to forgive and find ways to accept what has happened. Of course there isn’t a magic wand to make everything better, its finding ways to cope with what has happen rather than trying to find a cure that really isn’t there.

Have a listen and let us know what you guys think on our forum post


Jennifer Whitacre is an Empowerment Strategist, a trauma specialist, and an expert myofascial release therapist who is skilled at helping her clients move beyond the self-sabotaging habits and knee-jerk reactions that keep them stuck and feeling lost.  Because Jennifer understands the power of inspiration, she hosts the Yes, And… Podcast where her listeners hear weekly conversations with guests who have surmounted overwhelm and navigated obstacles to live fulfilling lives they love living.  She is also an emerging writer whose articles and chapters are starting to get published!  Jennifer has the education and, more importantly, the life experience to help you move through your stuck places and your fears to achieve success and fulfilment in your life.

Listen here

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