So many times I have heard that line and I am sure you guys have also. I remember when someone said that to me a few years ago and I just sat there rolling my eyes to the back of my head. That feeling you get in your gut as if to say shup up, just seriously shut the f&#K up.

Come on we have all had this moment, right? On fact I used to have them rather a lot of times in my teens, and when you have that down day, you will get that same line you heard maybe a few years back.


Here comes that thought in yoir head, again. Shut the f&#K up.

Let me be real with you all today. The word life is what you make it is actually true. Life is what you make it and I have seriously found that out 4 years ago. We all have our days and that is OK, it’s normal to feel like utter crap and feel like there is no hope and no way forward.

But I want to explain to you guys that the thoughts I mentioned above are in fact a load a BS because there is a hope, there is a way forward, you just have to belive in yourself, because let’s face it, what does dwelling on the couch do for you?

NOTHING! It’s time to take charge and grab everying you have always wanted. Smile, be happy, open your third eye.

Congratulations you have come to see sense that life is worth living and you are worth so much more.


Anyways, here is what I want you to work on. Build positive vibes around you and sit down with pen in hand and write down what you feel is NEGATIVE in your life and then write down what isn’t so important to you but also write what is important to you. Here you will see how you can balance your life.

Doing this will allow you to work out what is a priority and what isn’t. Now working this out will reduce stress and burn out!

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