We have had one hell of a month with our interview line-ups and I am so excited for the future of our podcast. We are getting our press release ready and hitting the media with what we have not just to help us but get our guests voice heard by many people in the world. They deserve that, right?

Anyway, the good news is that we have changed website hosts also, that giving us more freedom and features and guess what? We have our very own community area where you can sign up and share inspiration, upload photos, follow other users like you would on Twitter, and even comment on people’s post. We believe that building a community can be powerful to share inspiration to empower others or empower each other.

That isn’t all… We also have a free Facebook group that is also about adding value to you, that would be totally different to the website community and serves a different purpose from each other. The Facebook group is about live videos where we have guests come on with a host that being myself, our host Nicole Glozier, Author Donna Siggers, and Ash Cotter, Public Speaker.

So, what is going on with Talk about it Friday? So much is happening, and we never thought we would blow up this fast with the amount of podcast plays reaching over 1k listeners and over 30+ reviews over on our Facebook Page and none stop submissions to be on our show. All I can say is that we are so proudly busy and that is the way we like it. Being focused on something you love is the best feeling ever. We love to expand our podcast so that we can get our guests heard as well as inspiring others in the world.

I forgot to mention our Twitter being overloaded with beautiful comments and shout-outs to us and our guests we are truly bless and happy with how Talk about it Friday is going. Nicole and I can see a bright future ahead.

Lastly, I would like to introduce a lady we had interviewed last Friday. Hanne Holton is such an amazing lady with such a kind heart. Hanne is an author, musician, and painter. We really enjoyed interviewing her and hope we have this fantastic opportunity to interview her again in the near future.


I grew up in Denmark but lived and worked in London for fifteen years. A few years ago, I left the UK for Germany, where I currently stay. I’ve worked in all wakes of life, starting in the Copenhagen Airport. In London, I took on Pizza Hut — as well as The Danish Embassy as a cook. I’ve designed costumes for several productions at a Children’s Opera and managed more than one chamber music group. After graduating as an opera singer, I alternatively performed, gave concerts and taught people to sing. This gave me a keen eye for details, as has travelling and living abroad. My reading habits are both inspiring and educational. I keep up writing diaries, poetry and other observations, all of which motivated me to write a full-scale novel. My family history presented the setting and influenced the story line of my debut, Snares and Delusions. Listen to the podcast episode here.

Connect with Hanne  @HoltonHm

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