Physical And Emotional Trauma

As a child, Penny was molested and raped, and all this happened before high-school and that set a course for anger for decades. Penny did find away through it and she did that by using a holistic approach so, she wanted to write a book to show other people, that no matter what has happened to you we tend to focused on the yuk a lot, and it’s our human nature, but you can actually get past it, and you can live a peaceful life afterwards.

Mindfiles is a step by step workbook. You add to the questions in the workbook and start to work through whatever it is your going through. When Nicole and I sat there listen to every word that penny was saying, our eyes lit up with joy, because this kind of information isn’t something that shouldn’t be kept to yourself, the world needs what penny is offering.


Can you live with your problems forever without seeking any help? I will be honest, I have had some problems in my life as well as Nicole, but we know that keeping problems to yourself does no good. Whatever you store in the back of your mind will eventually come forth to your mind. That is why it is best to act now before it gets worse.

Mental health is serous, and we can’t stress that enough. Our show touches on the mental health topic nearly every single Friday, and that is a good thing for us, because what we want to do is inspire others to really think about their life and where they are at right now. Do you feel it is time to change? Making change is something that we all need to sit down and think about, because what happens if we can’t live a happy healthy life? We end up in that rabbit hole, but that rabbit hole will get deeper and deeper and hard to climb out of.  


Penny is a long-time student of health sciences, mythology and philosophy. After a long and successful business management career, Penny became certified in holistic counselling, and launched a wellness consulting practice named after the mythological teacher and healer Chiron.

After spending years working through personal physical and emotional trauma, and utilizing the skills she developed throughout her career, Penny developed Mind Files, an easy to understand mind, body, and spiritually themed program that explains the mind’s process of collecting, assessing, categorizing, storing and referencing information through each and every experience. Click Here to listen to what Penny had to say on our Podcast show and make that step to make change for the better.

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