I wanted to share something because I feel it needs to be done. I want to talk about inspiration and why we live day by day not seeing inspiration. Let’s be honest here, we lead a much better and healthy life embracing life itself. You know I had this podcast episode with a guest a while back, here name is Lisa Cybaniak and we had this chat about the mind telling you positive things you should be doing. Now my mind wanted me to sit under a tree on a nice summer day eating an apple while reading a book. But my other side of the brain said it couldn’t be bothered. Time consuming was the thought I was getting alongside the positive side, however, Lisa said to me just read a page or a few lines and full feel only the positives your brain is requesting, not the negative. Its common sense to want to feed the positive because once you full feel that request, you are training your mind to come up with positive thoughts rather then the negative. You can click on the names to listen to the podcasts show which I would recommend you should because all our guest are so unique.

The most beautiful part of interviewing guests on our show is the fact we get so much from it, and not just for our guests and listeners, but our own minds too. I can’t say we haven’t had a guest that has inspired us, all our guests have just done what we intended to deliver to listeners, inspire to achieve. I want to share with you guys the things that you will benefit being interviewed by telling your story. But first I want to talk about the guests we have had.

Miha Matlievski we interviewed, and he is one hell of a coach that was talking about how he was on the brinks of suicide until he had a moment when he thought about a big idea. He is called the fail coach because of the amount of times he has failed. He was obsessed with the word fail because he believes that failure isn’t always a bad thing. He helps so many entrepreneurs because of his moment that he had. He has had clients experience suicide like he did and believes he can do something huge to help those that feel this way.

Rebecca Adams, AKA Wonder woman she is one hell of person. She adores her business and has been in business for 16 years. She is a business coach, life coach, speaker, author, and so much more. She is ex-army, so the mindset is strong. I can say that she knows her stuff because I have had dealings with this fantastic woman. She lives by her planner and calls it her boss. She has one business under one umbrella contains many businesses.

Jessica Dombrowski is an author from the states that had suffered abuse as a child and recalls the days when here mother and father had their own bar and would have men in and out. I remember the things she was saying on the podcast, which was sad, but she didn’t dwell on it for long when she decided to write and tell her story to help those in a similar situation. She is amazing and I am proud of her to this day for taking steps to speak out and help others.

Gemma Gilfoyle is such an inspiration and has written a chapter in a book. She has two sons and is a speaker, life coach, upcoming podcaster, and is helping those that suffer with mental health she has worked with mental health for 12 years. She has always suffered with her own mental health has a child. She believes that the doctor that referred her to a mental health expert that she had a bad experience and thought it was disgusting treatment. She is amazing and is defiantly inspiring.


Feel the confidence rush through your veins and gain confidence for future opportunities in your life. Our guests have come out with confidence by telling their story and feeling empowered, they have made a massive impact in people’s lives and their confidence is still peeking to this day.


Feel energized so you can bring out the best in you to bring the best out in others. Our guests have asked to come back on our show because they felt that buzz and they felt they had so much more to speak about, we do have returning guests being booked right now.


Gain experience by telling your story so that you can make it a natural habit, like telling your story by blogging, podcasting, and Facebook live. Your story can make such an impact to others and you may sit there thinking your story isn’t cut out for an interview but trust me. Your story has that touch so tell it and feel proud.

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