I don’t think I have been touched by such an incredible story from Ray Coates, Singer-Songwriter that has wrote a song about beating cancer.

We are so honoured to have had this fantastic opportunity to interview a star and I must say I was nearly in tears interviewing him.

Ray has given us permission to play his song on our show and guess what else happened? Well, we done a watch party over on Facebook and listeners were in tears!


As a versatile actor, I have played several varying roles, from the character of blind seer Tiresias in the Bertolt Brecht interpretation of Sophocles Greek Tragedy ‘Antigone’, to a completely different direction, portraying the character Richard Lyons in the production – Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully, based on the Radio 4 comedy.

Additionally, I have made the move from local theatre into the professional world of acting, appearing as the cockney gangland criminal ‘Craven’ in the black comedy ‘So Bad’ performed at the 2018 Clapham Fringe.

Most recently, I have participated in a new project with Warwick University graduates & The London Film School, in the upcoming short film ‘AJAR’.

I have been a singer songwriter for over 30 years and released a charity single on i-tunes, and accompanying video on YouTube to raise awareness and funds for research into throat cancer (I am a survivor of over 10 years now) Click Here to listen to the podcast episode with Ray Coates.

Don’t forget that if you have a story to tell, then head over to our website and book today!

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