When will someone listen and take me away from the pain inside?

Anyone can walk past you and see nothing that we all go through and you can’t see theirs. I must admit that I have never seen a person on this planet that doesn’t go through somthing of their own, mentally I mean.

I hide my problems most of the time because I am afraid, afraid of others catching the plague from me. Call it protection. Sometimes my mood is up and down. I always take things to heart and go over it in my head a thousand times a day (Critical Thinking) I somtimes shout out load and tell it to stop. No, it’s not voices it’s critical thinking.

When my anxiety hits me, it is like the devil just popes in for a cuppa tea and a chat. Everything around me is high pitch and that is when I start to feel dizzy and sweaty. It’s not easy and some people reading this can probably relate to this. The problem we all have is we are looking to be cured. You can’t, we need to learn to work with it to live a reasonable life.

I’m greatful for the life I have and I am greatful to wake up everyday and see my family beside me, especially my partner. Honestly though, somtimes I feel selfish because my partner goes through a lot more then me and how bad as that sounds in some ways it’s helped me to calm down, but not the way I had wanted, but as we say… It is what it is.

We all need that something we can turn to in a time of crisis.

I love to podcast, game, write books, read books, watch films, and grow crops. You would think I wouldn’t have time to think about my mental health, right? Well, I do and that is because I keep myself in a bad habit of doing the same things ever darn day, but that is changing because if I don’t turn the tables, I will be stuck!

I have become more positive with life since speaking with a few guests on my podcast and belive me they are absolutely awesome people. Gemma Gilfoyle is on a mission to help those that have been in her situation and she is doing rather well. You can click the names for the podcast episode. Gemma was featured in an International interview series in November 2017 and 2018. She was featured in BEYOUROWN magazine September 2018. Gemma helps people to focus on what is needed. To not give up and to never quit.

Another fantastic episode is withLisa Cybaniak and she opened my mind the minute I had interviewed her. Lisa had suffered Abuse as a child and what she has done to turn her life around is incredible and I belive that she will inspire many people out there that are in her situation she once was. Lisa Cybaniak is a Motivational Speaker and NLP Coach empowering you to overcome your limiting beliefs to build a life you deserve. I must admit she does exactly what it says on the can.

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