I get inspired everytime on Talk about it Friday Podcast show.

Words are powerful that ignite a light.

Love yourself and appreciate who you are because you deserve credit. I just interviewed a lady, Lisa Cybaniak Gustafsson and she made me feel better about myself and actually helped me understand my desire.

My desire is to sit under a tree on a nice summer day reading a book and eating an apple, that’s my brain craving for this. So now I am planning a day to see what my brain is trying to tell me.

Do you take time to listen to yourself?

Do you take the time to appreciate yourself?

Do you take time to full fill your desire?

This interview was intense because we both spoke about our abuse as a child and how she has turned the tables to help others progress through their lives. It’s amazing to actually sit down and speak with someone you don’t even know about yours and their lives because belive it or not, inspiration is there.

After interviewing Lisa, I know know how to spot the negative and positive of my subconscious mind and now that I sit here writing this I know I must examine what my mind is telling me.

Find out tomorrow at 9pm what Lisa and I have been speaking about and I guarantee you will be impressed for sure.

Update: 19/4/2019

The interview can be found here: Click here enjoy.

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Inspire to achieve.

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