I thought I was interviewing them about their book but found myself digging deeper into their lives. I knew at first I was interviewing an erotic writer but never knew they were swingers.

That day I convinced myself I was talking about books but found out I was in to deep… Yeah, that came out wrong. The first time I interviewed Kyle Canon; we hit off about his books, but I asked one question that turned the tables. What made you want to write? His reply was epic. Mr & Mrs Canon were genuine swingers, and it all started when they visited a nude beach which began their journey to have sex with others. (Partner Swapping) I couldn’t believe it when he had said this to me. I thought I was dreaming at first. After that interview I published the podcast on all major platforms like ITunes, and from there I got twitter messages asking me questions about them. I knew I couldn’t answer them, so, I offered them both on the show to explain their erotic life with the dozen listeners that were begging for answers.

I couldn’t believe that they were both OK with sharing each other with other people. Most of our listeners were convinced that this was a form of cheating. This left a debate on swinging while married. Cheating to me is if you go behind someones back without telling them, but a mutual agreement is a whole different ball game, wouldn’t you agree? Check out this podcast with Kyle & Lilly Canon but be aware that this is rather hot.


Wayne Clark

Talk About It Friday

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